$1 Million to kill Corey Todd

It is being claimed that a $1 million hit had been made against the life of businessman Corey Todd, who was shot and injured at the Taboo Nightclub in Montego Bay, St James, early yesterday morning, a source has revealed.

The police say the popular businessman, who owns the club, was closing the establishment when two men on a motorcycle fired shots at him, hitting him in the right hand. A policeman who was at the location fired at the gunmen. One was killed.

being paid

A source told The Weekend Star that he had tried to contact the police on Thursday to tip them off, but could not get through.

“Listen to me, that is all the information I have. The only reason why I called the newspaper is that I have been calling 119 since yesterday (Thursday) and nobody was picking up. I am not being involved in this any further,” he said, claiming to have been there when the contract money was being paid over.

“Is either you are going to take the information or not. I have no other part to play in this. These are jealous people and I am not getting involved any further,” he said.

Asked why he did not go to a police station he said: “Corey being shot this morning could have been avoided if they [police] were picking up their phone. I am not going to walk into a police station because these are very dangerous men. My life is nothing compared to what these men would do to me if they knew I was giving out this information. I am not a murderer and I do not want to be affiliated with any murdering. So if I can do something, this is what I am doing.”

further attacks

When asked if he was an associate of Todd, the man declined to go further with the information.

“I am an associate of many people,” he said, claiming other telling information.

He also disclosed that the cronies of the deceased were upset about his death and are promising further attacks.

A senior cop in Montego Bay said the police are unaware of those claims as they had not commenced their debriefing as yet. He said they had just finished processing the crime scene and collecting information. The Independent Commission of Investigations is probing the killing.

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