13-year-Old Student At Cockburn Gardens Primary & Junior High School Killed By Gunmen

A 13-year-old eighth-grade student at Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School was slain by gunmen who invaded Mongoose Town community off Waltham Park Road and sprayed it with bullets on Sunday.

According to a Jamaica Observer report, the brutal attack also claimed the life of 31-year-old Akino Grant.

The constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit reported that approximately 4:00 pm Jahime and Grant were among a group of individuals playing football when a Nissan Tiida motor vehicle with several armed men drove up. The men opened fire on the group.

After the shooting, they were taken to hospital where Jahime and Grant were pronounced dead, while the others were treated and released.

Stanford Reid, the school’s physical education teacher speaking to the Observer says he is in disbelief as Jahime was a great footballer and was in his starting squad playing ‘central link.’

Reid said on Saturday afternoon he gave the boy a maths textbook. “He said to me, ‘Coach, mi want more book, ennuh, because mi waan pass mi exam.’ That was the last conversation I had with him,” Reid said.

The Kingston and St Andrew junior high school football competition is scheduled to begin next month and Reid noted that Jahime was anticipating the competition.

Jahime, he said, was on the squad that placed third last year.

Jahime O’Connor loved football and his dream was to become a great footballer it was therefore ironic that he was killed while playing the game on a street in his community.

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People we need to open our eyes and see that there’s a war going on the sprit world the Devil is trying to take over the young people weather is true violent crimes or sudden deaths, we need to pray and call upon the Lord to help protect our young… Read more »

Mr gunman u dont have kids u dont have a brother or a sister or a nephew y u killing the youths they are the future y u dont kill u dam self tired of the senseless killings have a heart smh

My God,..sleep on baby boy.
You hide from man but you can’t hide from god, your time will come, whatever a man sow that he shall reap.

Rip son

So sad r i p