50 Cent disses Puff Daddy… “Name Puffy Last Single”

50 Cent couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw some more shots at Puff Daddy during a recent club appearance in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Footage has surfaced of 50 taking a blatant shot Puffy over his lack of hits in recent times. “Name the last Puffy single,” he challenged the crowd from the DJ booth in the clip. “Do anybody in here know what the last Puffy single was? The DJ don’t know!” Fans shot back with mumbled responses. 50 then told the crowd to “Google that shit.”

It’s clear the G-Unit rapper has no intention of burying the hatchet with Puffy anytime soon because he has been delivering shots throughout his Power press tour. Earlier this month, 50 slammed the Bad Boy mogul’s reputation to make good television while he simultaneously promoted his own show.

There was also that time 50 went in on Puffy and Cîroc—his vodka nemesis—on an Instagram spree where he likened him to Satan and instigated the hashtag, #Nopuffyjuice. Nothing and no one was off limits for 50 who posted pictures of rappers co-signed by Diddy that failed to live up to their potential, including G. Dep, Shyne, and Craig Mack in a series of posts that have since been deleted, but live on thanks to the power of screenshots.

If you’re wondering, 50’s last Hot 100 hit as lead artist was 2012’s “My Life” which charted at No. 27, whereas Puffy’s was “Coming Home” in 2010.

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