KY-MANI Marley to put his own Ganja strain on the market

KY-MANI Marley will release a line of ganja-based merchandise in early 2016. The singer also has plans to put his own strain on the market.

“We’re going to have vapes, bongs and we are talking to farmers and scientists about developing a strain,” the 39-year-old singer told the Sunday Observer.

A ‘strain’ refers to a brand of ganja. In the 1990’s, hip hop artists including Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill famously endorsed the Chronic, a southern California strain which became synonymous with the genre.

Marley said a more tolerant climate to ganja in Jamaica influenced his decision to launch the products.

“We are pleased with the movement that is taking place. With all the research on the benefits of Cannabis, it makes sense.”

In April, the Jamaican government announced amendments to its Dangerous Drugs Act. A significant step in the decriminalization of ganja, it prevents persons with small amounts of the weed from being prosecuted.

Marley expects his products to be launched in January when he will be on tour.

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