A policewoman could face charges after her firearm was used to kill her son on Tuesday.

The woman, who has been a member of the police force for 13 years, is being investigated by her colleagues after the shooting at her… by her colleagues after the shooting at her St Andrew home. It is understood that her firearm was used to kill her 13-year-old son, who was in the company of two other males.

According to reports, the policewoman was not at home when the shooting unfolded.

Police are now searching for the alleged shooter and also the firearm which is yet to be found.

The Area Five police are making some way in their investigation, and are reportedly treating the situation as a murder.

Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that about 3 p.m. an alleged cousin of the deceased was shown the firearm, and a friend of the cousin was subse-quently invited over. While in a room at the home, disaster struck as the teen was shot once in the face and died on the spot.

The tenants heard a loud explosion and notified the police who later came to the scene.

The corporal is described as a dedicated, hard-working and generous officer among her colleagues.

The police have remained tight-lipped on the incident, however, a senior officer from the Area Five police confirmed the policewoman is indeed facing charges.

The senior officer did caution our news team however, by saying, ” Not because she is facing the charges that mean she will be charged but she is without a doubt facing charges”.

The name of the teen has not been released pending further investigations.

Source: The Star (Jamaican)

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