Abby Dallas and Don Andre team up for “Ride It”

Songstress Abby Dallas and Don Andre have created quite a stir in the dancehall with their new single Ride It. The song which was released in late October has gained momentum in the local dances and no doubt has the ingredients to dominate the international market.

The song is a patented fusion of R and B, Hip Hop and of course dancehall music. Produced by Platinum Camp Records, Ride It has resonated well with its listeners, becoming an overnight success.
Abby Dallas explains how the combination came about.

“Biggs from Platinum Camp Records actually played the track for Don Andre and instantly he loved it, so he just did his part in the studio the same day and the rest is history.”
Dallas is no newcomer to success; over the years she has been recognized on many occasions for her outstanding vocal talent by the JCDC. Abby was also awarded a scholarship to the Edna Manley College of Performing and Visual Arts, where she gained a diploma in Music Performance.

Producer Daddy Biggs, says his intention for this song was to get a younger artiste with a fresh appeal to join Dallas on the track. He explains that he is trying to take music back to the era where men and women in the dancehall actually danced together and have a good time.

“Gone are the days when the dancehall was actually a dating experience for the young and enthused. What’s in the dancehall right now is war, we are trying to make a formula where the opposite sex can enjoy each other’s company.”
Fans will be happy to hear that there is an upcoming video that will be released next year just in time for Valentine’s Day. It will be shot by renowned director Peter Parker who has done works with the likes of Drake and Chris Brown, with L.A. and New York as backdrops to the visuals.

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