Accused Man Freed Of Gun Charged After Victim Baptizes & Forgives Him

A man facing gun and shooting charges walked free after the complainant in the case said he was baptized and had forgiven the accused.

Dexter Powell had been indicted on charges of illegal possession of firearm and shooting with intent after it was alleged that on November 2, 2015, Powell had an illegal firearm in his possession, which he used to shoot another man with the intention to cause grievous bodily harm.

However, a statement from the complainant revealed he had since found the Lord and baptized and had forgiven the accused man of what he had done.

The complainant also revealed to the police that he was leaving the island and therefore had no interest in the matter.

The prosecution later offered no evidence in the case against Powell. Thus presiding judge Justice Sarah Thompson-James advised Powell to “walk the straight and narrow” and he should “grab on to the opportunity” that he was given by the complainant, who had forgiven him and later told Powell he was free to go.

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