Afro-Beat is replacing dancehall in Europe says Cecile

Veteran Dancehall artiste Ce’cile has expressed shock and concerned that dancehall is losing ground to African Entertainers in European nightclubs.

Ce’Cile is currently in Europe promoting her single “Push It,” her first Gig in Germany in two years and is expected to perform at a number of clubs in the next few weeks.

She acknowledged to the Star that “ That the audience has changed, and there are a lot more Afro beats than dancehall being played now, of which we need to take heed,”

“Their songs are killing it in the clubs. It’s mostly same old school dancehall and you have Tory Lanez and Rihanna, and not a lot of new school dancehall,” she said.

According to Ce’Cile, Spice has been getting a lot of love in the urban clubs.

She said what she also finds interesting is that a lot of authentic dancehall is being produced by non-Jamaicans, and those songs sometimes do better than the ones coming out of Jamaica.

“It’s food for thought, and I am very surprised. It’s a wake-up call. Even for myself,” she said.

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