Agent Sasco To Release Numerous Major Collabs

Earlier this year Kanye West released his much anticipated studio album featuring a collaboration with Agent Sasco also, known as Assassin. Mrs. Cynthia Cooke former principal at Camperdown High had an eye for talented students who she knew for certain would be extremely successful in their career pursuit. The list of students is too long to name and naturally, I wasn’t one. I gave her some trouble, which made me understand and value her later on in life. Agent Sasco, back in school some of us called him by his birth name, Jeffrey Campbell. He was indeed one of many Mrs. Cooke took under her protective wings and nurtured. Today he represents and praises his Alumni with the utmost respect.

“Mrs. Cooke was a great principal, I had to visit her office to discuss my life goals and she made certain I stayed focused. I give thanks to the entire faculty to be quite honest. However a special and I mean very special thank you, goes to Mrs. Simmons and Reverend Mc CLean. Passing my CXC’s and going on to 6th form was a great achievement thanks to my teachers.”

Jeffrey reflects on his very first live performance during his second year at Camperdown which was around 1994. He recalls “I had to perform in the school canteen a month prior in order to qualify for an official spot at our very popular Annual Bar-B-Q Fundraiser, this was an experience I will never forget. The band was impressed with my knowledge of their instruments and telling them exactly how I wanted them to play at certain notes.” I can image his sweat. Our Bar-B-Q had major entertainers who were past students as well and believe me Jeffrey had huge shoes to fill. Back in 1994 Spragga Benz and Wayne Wonder reigned in Dancehall and always performed each year.

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Both having a huge fan base; Jeffrey had to ‘bring it’ as we New Yorkers like to say, ‘bring it’.


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