Aidonia ‘Killed’ Masicka With Subliminal At Reggae Sumfest 2017 [Video]

Whilst Aidonia skillfully navigated away from explicitly calling Masicka’s name he spent large portions of his set taking aim at his younger counterpart. Nevertheless, it was a great performance by Aidonia one of the best performances on the night.

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Gennahsyde mi seh who is aidonia

Life Good guns

Donia know him a bad man icon ask kartel if a lie mi a tell and him goodly nuh ansa

unu can’t call fi unity between the artist dem ppl unu a add gas to fire with the negative vybez eno stage show soon cut out if dem continue and police nuh stop lock off dance a dem ting yah ago mash up bout yah watch

Thats all the pussy can do,y him nu step to masicka kmt