Akon Speaks Out Against Trump Refugee Ban

It has come under fire from all sides and all nations but now Akon takes aim at Trump Refugee Ban.

The St. Louis- born rapper thinks that the President has not taken ‘the humanity aspect into account’ ‘I think he didn’t think this all the way through y’know?’

‘You have to think of all the Americans who travel outside of America, such as myself 25 different countries a month and with an American passport, proudly.’

Akon, who has previously identified himself as Muslim, believes the President should have more consideration for the unfortunate jetsetters who are now ‘targets’ and worse still will have to consider the local politics when simply trying to have a good time with a few thousand of their closest friends.

‘I don’t wanna have to deal with foreign affairs because of a decision my leader made for me, you know what I mean? I don’t wanna be in a position where I’m gathering millions, or thousands of crowds on a basic weekend night for us to have fun and then I become the source or the target for everyone that comes to support me because I’m an American.’


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