Alia Atkinson finishes 8th in the women’s 100m breast stroke Final at RIO

Jamaicans were happy that Alia Atkinson booked her spot in the finals of the women’s 100m breast stroke. After she finished the semi finals swim in third place yesterday (July 7) in the Olympic Aquatic stadium in Rio De Janeiro.

Tonight in the finals Alia did get a ok start positioned about 4-5th place at the half way mark however she was outclassed by the other swimmers on the final leg, Alia finished in 1:08.10s.

She was swimming out of lane six in semi final two, and she managed to end up with a tie with USA’s Katie Meili. She did a time of 1:06.52. So she will be swimming tonight in the finals at 8:54 pm local time. Even though she has the joint fifth fastest qualifying time going into the finals, we are hoping she will be able to find some extra energy so she can win and get her Gold medal. 

She has been swimming for many years, as she started swimming in the YMCA pool in St Andrew, Jamaica when she was only 4 years old.

But she is now the first black woman in the world to win a world swimming title. She won a Gold medal in Doha approximately two years ago.  And now at age 27 she pursues Jamaica’s third non Athletic medal at the Olympics. As David Weller a Cyclist, was the first to make history in 1980, he won Jamaica’s only medal outside of Athletics and Yona Knight- Wisdom won a Silver medal in the diving competition earlier today.

Since Alia has never won a medal at the Olympics before, it was our hope that she will be able to win one tonight butunfortunately she did not make the medal list never the less All Jamaican are proud of Alia for doing what most of us could not have done. She almost qualified for a medal in London 2012 games, she placed 4th at the finish. She missed getting a medal by only 47 milliseconds, in the finals that year. That was really close.

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