Alkaline Diss Canadian Promoters ?

Canadian Promoters Upset With Alkaline: Says That The Artiste Refused To Do What He Was Paid To Do

The promoters of a show where alkaline was set to make an appearance are now crying foul, Ricardo Henry of Rodeo Promo in Toronto Canada, says that after he had paid Alkaline in full the artiste refused to execute the job he was contracted to do. “it was a hosting party and was promoted as such. He was not expected to make a performance and was only paid to meet and greet with his fans, but he didn’t even do that, Alkaline came on stage, took the microphone, said big up Rodeo, the promoter and then made his exit”.

Said Henry According to Henry he was made to look like a fool, after Alkaline had refused to do what he was contracted to do. “I am a professional and I have dealt with a number of artiste who are stalwarts in the business who understand who they are and what is required of them”. He said that quite a number of his patrons who happen to meet the entertainer left the venue disappointed. “Imagine he is nowhere in the business as yet and this is how he treats his fans”. He said. When Alkaline management promotion team was contacted they gave another view on the story.

Damion Johnson the man, the man responsible for Alkaline Canadian tour said that his artiste did what he was paid to do and says that there are harsh feelings now because Alkaline did not give the promoters a performance. “He did exactly what he was paid for. It was not a performance show and everyone was clear on that,” he said. “All he was asked to do was to greet the fans and acknowledge their support and he did just that – the promoters just wanted more” said Damion.

He also explained as the appearance was not even to take place because the promoters did not go through the proper protocols. According to him Rodeo did not go through the proper channels instead he made contact with a friend and not to him. “the show only took place because the friend is apart of the team so we went along with it”. He said.

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