Alkaline impersonator drops FAKE! diss song, attacking Popcaan, Kartel, Spice, Ishwana etc

Alkaline impersonator released a track titled Prison Warder where he diss Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Spice, Ishwana, Tommy Lee, Aidonia and other artistes while deejaying in Alkaline’s voice.

The Artiste who allegedly goes by the name “Fabian Vendetta” created confusion among fans after the single was uploaded to Youtube. Many fans instantly realized that it wasn’t the actual vendetta boss and immediately voice their disdain for the impersonator.
“A who yuh man a try use the detta boss style fi buss yuh not even deh nuh weh yet n ya look clash fi killa n the teacha who u man coming like is a man shadow u wa live inna” one Youtube user wrote.

Not all fans was against this idea though as they actually think that the song is of good substance regardless of who is singing.

“Da song da bad..I know it’s not alkaline but the song bad you fuck… fully dad 100,” another social media user said.

Listen The witty lyrical song below…

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Dawg a trace lik some gal

Mi fren mi lik yo. True d song shitty him a blame others

Vendetta wi dun know a Nuh wi sing DAT

Suh tru d song shitty im a blame im ghost writer fren dem weh a try buss ?!