Alkaline – Microwave (Popcaan)

Listen to and download this hot-head new release from Alkaline – Microwvae (Official Audio) “dead dem dead” Prod.Chimney Records | 21st Hapilos (2017)

DOWNLOAD: “Alkaline – Microwave”

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Hahaha….approved by worldboss,mad tune!!!

A no mi artist but e man song hot

Suck unu mada Vendetta life style™™ #Microwave them❌

u no Bad like unruly how u fi a call man microwave bunoff

Jah alka you shouldn’t beat poppi so dwl

Dem song ya can’t pass airport soh wah sence ina dat hot now flap by month end

D power of music…….lol

Nuh likkle ntn!! Nah vybes dah song yah at all

Fi real mi g

Vendetta st8888

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