Alkaline takes aim at Tommy Lee in new song “Buss Head”

Without any preview nor int Alkaline decided to release a new hardcore dancehall song today called “Buss Head”. This can be classified as a Typical Alkaline gangsta song however couple lines in the tune can be linked to Tommy Lee Sparta which only makes sense since the two young deejays are at odds.

The notable diss lines include words such as “Country bwoy come a town and pretend”, Tommy lee has mentioned several times that he moved from Country to Live in Town(Kingston). “bwoy just get a one link and now badniss a choke him” this link would be mostly likely Sean Kingston.

There are mixed reviews about the killer potency of this “Bus Head” song on Alkaline’s vevo, HUGE debate!. Let us know your review in the comment.

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“yuh cyaa style out country man, mi wi kill u wid mi country gang”

Doh mi Fi tell you

Mobay a bad place nu play place

All a uno a run uno mouth alka a tour d world weh tommy Lee dea bka Sean Kingston big fat ass lmao tommy Lee need to build songs that can actually beta Im career and stop aim his one day songs at alkaline like I’m fuck man

Yes he’s the next generation ofc because he’s younger, until another hot artiste come along and then bias Jamaica ppl them switch . A just life . Dwl 😂