Alkaline tells police “I am innocent of these charges”… Expected to be charged or released by 6pm

Deejay Alkaline is still held in Police custody and still being questioned. Alkaline’s attorney, Peter Champagnie promised over the weekend to and has made an application in court this morning for his client to be released, after which a judge in the St Andrew parish court then ordered the police to either charge artiste Alkaline or let him free by 6 p.m today February 13,2017.

Alkaline has been held at JCF’s Criminal Investigation Branch since last thurseday after he turned himself in to answer questions with regards to the murder of Rohan ‘Head’ Morris of Maverley, St Andrew which took place on January 13, 2017..

According to the STAR Police Superintendent Meverald Smith, who appeared on behalf of the police, objected to the application for Alkaline to be released. Smith said that investigators asked Alkaline 100 questions and he responded only by saying “I am innocent of these charges”.

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