Anju Blaxx walks free from wire fraud charges

It has been revealed that Anju Blaxx whose name is Andrew Myrie was able to walk free from the wire fraud charges in the United States because there was no evidence there. Defense Attorney K.D. Knight kept on insisting that his client didn’t enter into a plea deal with the United States officials. 

It is clear that the United States Government was unable to prove their case, even though he pleaded guilty to aiding in the making of a false declaration to Jamaica Customs in 2013 and he was fined $250,000.00 in Kingston, Jamaica last Friday. 

The Jamaican Music Producer Anju Blaxx had his bail revoked in Florida eight days after his release as the decision was overturned by a judge in North Dakota. It was said that he was a flight risk, he was ordered detained on February 6th, he was pending trial. As he was charged with wire fraud and money laundering. But now it is clear that there was not enough evidence gathered for him to be locked up.

It seems as if the Ceo of UIM Records and one of Jamaica’s leading Dancehall producers was not involved in any scamming. As there was no plea deal in North Dakota. There was just a small charge against him and that is why the judge decided to dismiss the case. As the :United States Government was unable to prove that he had done anything wrong.

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