Aska Lyrical & Damas – Party Early

(GIRLZADDA RIDDIM) 2012Aska Lyrical & Damas -Party Early (GIRLZADDA RIDDIM) Aska Lyrical & Damas Party Early…Riddim By Smokeshop Studioz Download Link Mp3: intru (Damas) them give we the 2 o’clock permit and still a pressure we fi lock off the dance (aska Lyrical) and a tell we fi work with anything them tell we suh mi guh suh bum and when mi check a 7:30 then mi guh suh bum and step out on them early (Damas) Brasco pull up in a the tundra about 20 to 9 the bar a guh empty tonight chorus (Aska lyrical and Damas) we a party early and every thing alright promoter everything alright all when we naav nuh permit and them a give we a fight promoter jus watch the late night we a party early yeh eh eh eh we a party early eh eh eeh verse 1 (Aska lyrical) spanish town hurry we a hurry and flass ziggyblacks pour Hennessy in a your glass suh when the 5 O them a come to lock it off promoter pack up and laugh (damas) because every liquor done sell off the bar left shell not a bottle with a cork gal a wine on head and waa gaa them bed gal a role out lean junk and cyaa walk CHORUS verse 2 (aska lyrical) hmmhmm everything done set already the money weh fi mek that mek already gal wine an bus them sweat already and who love beg liquor get already (damas) we party hard until party done everything good from mi have my fun under couple apple vodka weed and grabba mek mi head high till mi wheel and tun yeh eh eeh we go early we party early (Aska lyrical) from party a keep a early mi a reach over wet wet or chug it on the beach SPANGLISH estamos de fiesta temprano

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