AWFUL: Woman Inadvertently films Her Own Death On Facebook Live (Video Inside)

Harrowing footage has emerged online of the moment a young car passenger inadvertently live-streamed her own death in a horror crash.

Nikol Barabasova filmed herself in the front passenger seat laughing and joking with a friend as they were driving along a road in Obrnice in the Czech Republic.

According to reports, the VW was being driven at more than 120kph (74.5mph) when it smashed into a barrier.

Barabasova can be seen holding up her mobile phone as she films herself and the driver.

At one point she looks nervously at the road before looking back at the camera.

But the vehicle then shudders, flips over and goes quiet and the camera, which is left running, ends up focusing on one of the car’s seats belts.

Reports in the Czech Republic suggest emergency services stopped the live streaming when they arrived about 20 minutes later.

The driver is said to be in intensive care in hospital having suffered serious head injuries.

Police have launched an investigation into the tragedy.

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