Bad Gyal Dydy Hand Was Sprained After A Strange Encounter ‘Mad Man’

Well-known social media personality and recording artiste Bad Gyal Dydy said she unsuspectingly shook a “mad man’s” which resulted in him spraining her hand.

“Never experience no shit like this before 😒 man saw me and screamed DYDY I love you. Knowing me being a sweetheart said awwwww thank you and shake his hand not knowing is a rassclat mad man 😒😒😒😒. I screamed you’re hurting me stop let go and the man wouldn’t stop 😒 another man had to step in 🙄🙄 all nobody cya come close to me after this 😒 cause me traumatized 😒” DyDy wrtote on her Instagram account accompanied by a picture of her sprained hand.

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