Bad Gyal Dydy Signs Contract With NY Based Record Label

Social media sensation turn recording artiste Bad Gyal Dydy have signed an official contract with One Nation Records.

Dydy shared the news via her Instagram account on Thursday.

“sometimes God holds you back temporarily until the road is safe and clear to continue… be thankful for the stall” she wrote

“signed my deal yesterday ✊🏼 #onenationrecords …….. those of you who’ve been following me since day one know the reason behind my videos now watch me work 🙌🏽 MAMA I told you everything ago make sense soon now boom ! Don’t switch up on me I got big plans ! 🍍🇯🇲🇯🇵…….. #officaldydy #onenation #music” she added

ONR Headquarters is in New York, with offices in Lagos, Nigeria, ONR is the bridge for Afrobeat to transfer across borders. It is not only a home for rising artists to produce and flourish but to also help them grow as cultural brands.

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