Barbara Credits Pamputtae For Her ‘Big Buss’ & Hopes To Star In Roots Play

New social media sensation ‘Barbara Di Barbee’ is crediting Pamputtae for her new found fame.

In an interview with The Star, Barbara explained that although she knew she had a personality that was relatable and magnetic, she was taken aback by all the attention she was receiving.

“Me never know things woulda reach so far because one guy did video me already and it did out. Nuff people did like it, but it never put me out there like Pamputtae own,” she said.

“Me feel all right, nice and proud, God know. Me ‘jokify’ like that. People always like me vibes. From the day me born me always a give jokes. A just me dat, but after fi her video go out, me really see how much people love me vibes.” she adds

How she met Pamputtae.

“Is like me did down and she rise me. Me never know her (Pamputtae). One evening me a walk, me and another girl, and me a talk bout how Cash Pot mash me up, and she see me and say lady come here. Me go and a tell her how Cash Pot mash me up and she give me $1,000. Me thank her and walk off,” she said.

“Then me come back, and say a you sing di song, ‘Fluffy gyal, a bet yuh you can’t do dis’, and she say, yea, and me start dance it, and she say she a go video me and put it up. That was the start for me.”

With the spotlight and the new found fame, Barbara hopes to fulfill her dreams to be the next big star in roots play acting and says she would get Pamputtae as her manager.

“Mi nah tell yuh nuh lie, if me make it tomorrow, me nah leave her a back. Anything happen fi me, she haffi be my manager. Me a go have her back cause a she see me and enlighten me. Me grateful to Pamputtae for everything,” said Barbara.

Everything bout Mi clean 😂😂😂😂big Mi boss @pamputtae

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see mi real page yah now ppl

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