Barbara To Receive Bank Account, Visa & More From New Manager After Pamputtae Split

Social media sensation Barbara who had risen to fame with the aid of dancehall artiste Pamputtae but had later split due to a bitter row over microwave has been promised great things by her new manager.

“Barbara what you didn’t accomplish with you other manager I will ensure u accomplish so all who did a bash you bout the bank account they gonna live to see you rise cause” he wrote “me a ensure you get u passport, bank book, visa, micro wave and much more 💯💯💯real know real bout yah” he said

A few weeks ago Barbara blasts Pamputtae online with claims that she was using her and that she had taken a microwave which she revived for her.

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How dare you criticize her? She’s an internet sensation because thousands of people like whatever it is she is doing….she’s an entertainer and she’s beautiful with great bone structure and a slim body, top models have to starve themselves to achieve. Go through yah Barbara…

Go through Barbara ❤️

The moment when I thought Facebook was free from this clown….. Here she is again on my timeline.

What a load of foolishness
What’s her talent again?

Pamputae video shoot with the microwave…