"Beatz A Di Ghetto" early-mid 90s [#Dancehall #Mixtape]

DussOva aka 220 sound PRESENTS “Beatz A Di Ghetto” 100% early 90s dancehall” Mixtape Featuring Hottest Tracks with artistes such as Terror Fabulous, Major Mackerel, Bounty Killer, Admiral Bailey, Beenie Man, Daddy Scew and many more. Full mixtape track list is available. Tracklist: 01- Beatz a di ghetto “Intro” 02- Buju Banton “the only man” 03- Terror fabulous “behold” 04- Frisco kid “eye a yu knee” 05- Beenie man “certain gal” 06- Beenie man “Wickedest slam” 07- Terror Fabulous “pop style” 08- General Degree “Tax” 09- Daddy Scew “Loverman” 10- Bounty Killer “gal she yes” 11- Major Mackerel “miss getty getty” 12- Jipsy King “Mad men” 13- Spragga Benz “movie up the line” 14- Sweet C “natty dread” 15- Beenie Man “music a di beat” 16- Buju Banton “champion” 17- Buju Banton “man a look yuh” 18- Terror Fabulous “you nut ketch” 19- Terror Fabulous “number 2” 20- Dugsy Ranks “”wifee” 21- Spragga Benz “things a gwaan” 22- Frisco kidd “big speech” 23- Beenie Man & Silver cat “chronic” 24- Future troubles “can’t bun in peace” 25-Beenie Man “defend apach” 26- Jigsy king & tony curtis “real thing” 27- silver cat “”fowl affair” 28- Louie culture “Ganja lee” 29- Beenie Man “world dance” 30- Mad Cobra “more den talk” 31- Beenie man “blessed” 32- Terror Fabulous & nadine sutherland “action” 33- Daddy Screw “model pon yuh” 34- Wayne Wonder & Louie culture “live & love” 35- General Degree “Mr do it nice” 36- Buju Banton “love how the gal den flex” 37- Mad Cobra “hell swell” 38- Turbo belly “satan spy” 39- Bounty killer “last son” 40- Beenie man “teenie weenie” 41- Frisco Kid “little & cute” 42- Spragga benz “machine gun kelly” 43- Terror Fabulous “Position” 44- Louie Culture “backative” 45- Bounty Killer “mine the girl den” 46- Beenie Man “murder” 47- Geronimo “cock up ur batty & ride” 48- Roundhead “you hot again” 49- Capleton “many more” 50- Capleton “buggering” 51- Beenie man “mattie” 52- Lt Stichie “whap dem” 53- Chronicle “no skin teeth” 54- Spragga benz “back him up” 55- General degree “papa lover” 56- Shabba Ranks “wuk a man” 57- Terror Fabulous “mix up punch” 58- Terry Ganzie “ragga ragga” 59- Bounty killer “no argument” 60- General degree “granny” 61- Papa san “maddy maddy cry” 62- Ninja man “shot den a talk” 63- General Levy “champagne body 64- Top Cat “shot a batty boy” 65- Bunny General ” full up a class” 66- Cutty Ranks “limb by limb” 67- Buju Banton “have to get you tonight” 68- Terror fabulous “satisfaction” 69- Terry Ganzie “hardware & lumber” 70- Admiral Bailey “butterfly” 71- Original african “Good body gal” 72- Bounty killer “gal yuh fresh” 73- Red dragon “batty boy fi die” 74- Ricky general “squeeze down the trigger” 75- Ricky general & mega baton “combination mix” early-mid 90s dancehall mix cd by DussOva aka 220 sound #15 yardhype

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