Beenie Man Quits smoking cigarettes

Legendary Dancehall artiste Beenie man new found love and TV personality Krystal Tomlinson have had such a significant impact on the self proclaimed King of Dancehall to the point where he has quit smoking to keep in tandem with her healthy life style. Krystal Tomlinson and Bernie man is alleged to have been dating for over a year now.

The TV presenter healthy life style which she demonstrates throughout her social media pages have clearly influenced the dancehall legend to quit smoking. Though quitting cigarettes the King of Dancehall still smokes weed.

“I know, and Moses also knew, that smoking cigarettes is not good for his body,” Tomlinson said. “I don’t have a problem with marijuana. I understand his religious perspective on that. The smoking of cigarettes was a habit that he picked up and didn’t really like. It was just a habit.”

Tomlinson also adds that the ban has nothing to do with it. “When I look at the cigarette box, I just get grossed out by the graphic images on it. So [I would] say things that made it uncomfortable for him to smoke around me. And also talking to him about why it isn’t healthy,” Tomlinson said. “[I asked him], you sure you don’t wanna try and stop. He was always listening, but I didn’t know how much. And he is the kind of guy where he will process what you say and a little way down the line, you see him apply somewhere.”

She said: “So in his subconscious, I think he started as way back as in January. He used to break it (cigarette) up and mix it with the weed, because he knew I never like cigarettes. That was the first thing he did, so I didn’t have to see. And then by mixing it in the weed, I didn’t smell it either, and eventually, it got to a point where he would use less of it in his weed until eventually, he reached a point where he realized that he didn’t need it,” Tomlinson said.

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