Blac Chyna Going Back To The Hustle At Her Old Strip Club!

Blac Chyna’s back to her old hustle now that she’s been cut off by Rob Kardashian — she’s making strip club appearances again.

Rob Kardashian has financially cut off his ex amid their public feud where the KUWTK brother accused her of cheating and drug use, in addition to posting nude photos of her on social media without the model’s consent.

According to TMZ, she’s getting paid $10K for the event, in addition to three bottles of rosé. Oh, and she was the one who thought of the idea in the first place!

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Wat way you know people business

That aint happening haters keep hating

Who cares!!!!…o plz…smdh!

Y us a black sisters always rejoice when our sisters fall ? if this was a Caucasian wonder what you’ll would be saying . Just hopinh she make wiser decisions in the future .