Black Mattic’s 3310 Rock Causing Mayhem In Dancehall

International recording artiste black Mattic is denouncing allegations that his 3310 Rock hit single is inciting abnormal behaviour among local dancers. The single has rapidly gained popularity since a video of an old man attempting to litteraaly stab a dancer at the popular party series Spen A Grand Saturdays went viral. But according to the deejay the song did not incite this wierd act by the old man popularly known as, Joe Joe.

“I wasn’t even on the island at the time the video went viral but i remember when i got the call from a friend who told me to check Instagram now which i did and i could nothing but laugh when i saw the video and the next thing i knew Entertainment Report called wanting an interview” Blac Mattic stated.

Popular selector Dj Banka who was playing at the time of the incident says it was the craziest thing he has seen in the dancehall in a long time. “Yow a swear a long time me nuh laugh suh, me see the dancer a do her thing and me just a start build the vibe but when me tell Joe Joe to stab her the man really draw him knife and the dance buss” stated Deejay Banka. The single has since become a staple on every major party playlist as well as on local radio with more videos being uploaded by popular dancers such as Marvin Di Beast and Daniboo which have generated massive viewing on social media

Kenich McCloskey Lee (Born August 17,1985) Known professionally as Black Mattic, is a Jamaican songwriter, record producer, actor, Dancehall and Reggae artist. Black Mattic initially gained recognition internationally after releasing his hit single “Superstar” in which he teamed up with MTV (Mike Leonard) to produce the video in 2014 which racked in over 1 million views world wide. Intent on pursuing a solo career as a Dancehall artist, he released his debut mixtape, Black Label. He would go onto releasing two further independent projects, each mixtape saw widespread commercial success. Being a Kingston (Waterhouse) native Black Mattic was able to work with International artists like Akon from convict music, Beenie Man and Raging Fyah. Black Mattic also did several music soundtracks for movie production houses in Los Angeles. Apart from being a musician Black Mattic has developed other ventures, including his own Entertainment company locally (Official Hitz Music Group) aka (OHMG) which is subsidy of his New York City base company Official Hitz Entertainment. Which includes clothing line, Architectural designs, movie, TV series and animation script writing.

Watch: Black Mattic- 3310 Rock [Official Music Video]

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