Bob Marley Vs Usain Bolt… Who is the greatest?

Top radio hosts Costas and Charlamagne decided to have debates about the late International Super star Bob Marley and the athlete Usain Bolt. Costas says that Bolt is greater and it seems as though Charlamagne thinks it is wrong to compare them with each other. It would be easy to say Bolt is greater than Marley, since he won the triple triple at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. And it is now known that he is the greatest track and field athlete that has ever lived. But Reggae fans will never agree with Costas and some persons believe that comparing athletes with musicians can be like comparing apples and oranges.

Sources has revealed that Costas said “Apologies to all you reggae fans but I think that Bolt has even outdistanced Bob Marley the way he outdistances the field,” But Charlamagne said, “We have to use these moments to preserve culture and teach because if we leave it up to some people they will try to rewrite the history books. I don’t understand why Bob Costas even saw the need to compare the late great Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. It’s an athlete and a musician. Have we in America ever compared the fame between Lebron James and Beyonce? Did we ever do that with Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson? Usain Bolt surpassing Bob Marley? Bob Costas, stop it.”

But it is hard to compare the ones who are still alive with those who are gone, as the ones who are still alive can continue doing great things, while those who are gone cannot do anything more. But the debate has been going on, on social media and there has been a lot of different opinions out there.
Some people will say Bob Marley’s music is still loved by many people even though he passed away many years ago, he keeps on living through his music. But now that Bolt has decided to give up Track and Field he won’t be able to do anything to add to his legacy. But he could decide to help others to realize their dreams on the track and become the greatest coach ever. 

There has been no replacement for Bob Marley since he passed away, as no one else has been able to capture the hearts of fans like he did. His music still stands out as his lyrics were great, with strong messages and people can’t get enough of the great Reggae beats he used to make his music different and special.

And it will take a lot of talent and hard work to beat Usain’s 9.58 world record time in the 100 meter race and his world record winning time of 19.19 in the 200 meter race. So just like Bob Marley, it will be hard to forget him. Added to that he has his signature pose and his larger than life personality that has caused people to love having him around. 

So this debate will never end, it will be going on for many years. It seems as if we will never know which Jamaican is greater.

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