Bobby Brown Testifies… Husband to Pay $36 Mil for Bobbi Kristina’s Death

On Thursday (October 17) a Judge ordered Nick Gordon to pay $36 million in a Default Judgement for the wrongful death of Bobbi Kristina brown. The ruling was handed down following a lengthy and emotional testimony from members of Kristina’s family including her father (Bobby Brown).

In Bobbi browns testimony he argued that his daughter (Kristina) had an unlimited future potential earnings prior to her death.

Kristina’s estate had initially filed a lawsuit for $40 million, thus the Judge ruling was 4 million short of that figure.

The Judgement includes 1.5 million for stealing funds/assets, $250,000 punitive damages, 1.3 million for assult and battery/medical damages, plus $4.2 million because Gordon was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, 13 million for pain and suffering and $15 million for loss of life and net worth and future potential earnings.

Watch Court proceedings below…

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