Bogle… King Of The Dancehall

The day dancer Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy died was a sad one and remains vividly etched in the memories of those who held him dear to their hearts.

At 40, Bogle’s death was certainly unexpected. The dancer was in the prime of his career and was creating waves with the popular ‘Willie Bounce’ dance move.

But on January 20, 2005, all of that came to a halt when he was shot and killed at a service station along Constant Spring Road, St Andrew. It was reported that Bogle had an altercation with men at Weddy Weddy Wednesdays, which was being held at the Stone Love headquarters on Burlington Avenue, in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew. After leaving the venue, it is said that Bogle and his entourage were at the service station when the gunmen struck.

Bona fide bredrin

That memory remains with Elephant Man, who was partying with Bogle at Weddy Weddy Wednesdays earlier that night.

“Me and him deh Weddy Weddy a party. Mi leave and go home and hear that news, it was so shocking. I was so down. A mi bona fide bredrin and mi did just see him, so it was very bad news for me. The whole place crumble when wi hear,” Elephant Man told THE STAR.

At the time, Ding Dong was still a newcomer in the industry. He said he saw Bogle the Tuesday before at an event and they were planning to ‘par’ at Weddy Weddy the following night.

“The Wednesday night him call me and ask if mi nah do road. Two persons did come fi mi and mi tell dem seh mi nah come cause mi nah feel it,” he recalled to THE STAR.

“Mi get a call inna mi sleep seh Bogle dead. Mi call Boysie and mi call Keiva and couldn’t get dem. Fi di whole day mi nuh eat, mi nuh sleep. Mi couldn’t believe, it shock mi. That was a sad day, a big loss.”

Major role

Following Bogle’s death, Ding Dong said many dancers and artistes stopped attending parties. It was after the funeral, he said that more persons started going out again.

Voicemail’s Kevin Blair was also in disbelief when he heard the news.

“Is like the same feeling I got when I heard that O’neil (Voicemail member) got shot. That numbness. It was like an automatic void. And he was coming from a dance, something he loved so dearly. You just ask yourself why. You are just at a loss for words,” he said.

In death, Blair said Bogle can be remembered for the major role he played in dancehall and the impact he continues to have.

“He (Bogle) was the one who injected dance in dancehall. He has been a part of so many artistes’ careers over the years. He is the one that made other persons want to dance. He is definitely a plug in dancehall, and you can’t plug him out no time,” he said.

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