Born Again Virgin: Company Offers Discount On Vagina Tightening Procedure For Artiste

A company is offering Vagina tightening procedure discounted for artistes.

Aesthetician and entertainment stylist Racquel Byles is offering recording artistes a discount on vagina tightening (non-surgical procedure) services at her company, Body Trendz.

“It’s vaginal tightening, we don’t want to pretty it up and call it vaginal rejuvenation. If you are appealing to the dancehall audience and a woman in the inner-city who have five kids, they won’t literally know what is vaginal rejuvenation. We put it out there for what it is because women should not be ashamed of their vagina. It is a powerful thing and a wonderful thing because it brings life,” Byles told The Star.


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According to Byles, Dancehall already heavily promotes and celebrates a woman’s vagina in its culture, so she only saw it fit for artiste to live by the lessons they preach and really live up to the content in their songs.

Byles says her company offers a range of other services, including massages, facials, waxing, laser treatment for acne, and butt enhancement.

For a limited time, Body Trendz will be extending a 40% percent discount to all entertainers and mothers of four children and more.

The female entrepreneur claims to have already provided several services for many popular dancehall acts, including Stacious and Shauna Chyn, although she did not specify in what capacity.

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