Bounty Killer and Elephant Man’s vehicles up for auction

Vehicles owned by Elephant Man and Bounty Killer are up for auction for the second time in almost a year Some very prized properties, formerly owned by two prominent Dancehall deejays now face the prospect of being auctioned off. Highly-valued automobiles, belonging to Alliance leader, Bounty Killer and long-time protégé, Elephant Man are on public auction by the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ) . Bounty Killer’s 1998 White Land Cruiser VX and his white 2006 Range Rover Sports HSE as well as Elephant Man’s red 2002 Mercedes Benz are being advertised for the second time after previously being put up last March.   All three vehicles were seized by the Inland Revenue Department after both artistes reportedly owed millions in unpaid taxes. Elephant Man had his Kingston home raided last July when law enforcement officials seized his Mercedes Benz. Two months later, Bounty Killer’s two luxury vehicles were captured by tax officials just month after his United States visa had been stripped from him. Law enforcement officials claimed he owed millions of dollars in unpaid taxes as well.   According to TAJ’s Latoure Duhaney, both artistes must pay all taxes owed by this Friday should they wish to recover their assets. Else, the auction on their vehicles will commence.  

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