Bounty Killer and Mavado REUNION

Jamaican music got a great gift recently, as there has been a reunion between two of the biggest stars of the music industry. Bounty Killer and Movado decided to put an end to their irreconcilable differences, as they have realized that unity is strength, and they can achieve a lot of great things when they unite. It is a great day for Dance Hall and Reggae Music, as there has been many disagreements between artistes in the past. But there has not been a lot of reunions, even though music makes people happy and we would expect the entertainers to be united and happy at all times.

The Producer “Seanizzle” seems to be very glad about the new development, as someone heard him say “unity is strength”. Added to that, Music lovers have been very excited about this reunion and they have been expressing their views on social media. They have been saying they looooove this and they are so excited. 

Bounty Killer was happy too, he took to Instagram and announced that he and Movado had made peace, they have found a way to put the past behind them, a way of saying the future is very important and they can’t afford to miss out on all the great things the future has to offer.
It is like a father and a son finding a way to move forward in life again, and show the world that it is good to forgive and forget. So Movado’s fans on Social Media are just as excited as Bounty Killer’s fans and they are ready to celebrate, as this really means a lot to them. They know that unity brings peace and hope and there is nothing better for the music industry right now. Yes we are all looking forward to great things happening in the future. We are looking for new music and more good vibes between the fans and all music lovers. Even though some people say they are sorry for those who wanted the feud to continue. They will have a change of heart after a while, when they start hearing new music and see all the good things happening, we hope.

This is a good move for the youth and the Alliance, now everyone can see that people can get past their differences and think about more important things. They will see that the fuss and fight is not as important as the unity and strength. And I hope this relationship between Bounty Killer and Movado will get better every day. And their fans will unite as well, so that the future of the Music Industry in Jamaica can be bright. The upcoming artistes need to be able to learn good things from the big Stars in the business, so that they can build their careers in the best way, so that the music business will do well in the future. I am sure everyone will agree that this is the best thing.

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