Bounty Killer and Mr. Lexx’s beef re-ignite.. Here’s why

In a recent publication Bounty Killer mentioned some dancehall artiste who are known but he feels have no real talent(Hype and no substance). One of such persons was no other than Mr. Lexx one of is well known long time foes. Mr. Lexx who was very perturbed after Bounty’s comments, took to social media to voice his thoughts on the matter and in doing so points out that Bounty is not as talented as he is.

See excerpt below from Bounty Killer initial comments and and Mr. Lexx’s responds.

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Killer u a me general but when foota hype sey u never hot ♨ u did mek it b a big issue so wat u don’t like for yourself killer don’t do it to others

A swear Killa too much sometimes

Mr. Lexx a mi youth star. Him nuh done it’s just the people dem in JA break di man down. Bounty a mi artist from long time (1993). Stop break each other carreer and build up nice music again

Mr lexx career done like me Gas

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