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Congrats to the Killer, a 7 series BMW is indeed a good look. However YardHype, please edit your articles carefully before publishing or posting. “Baught” is not the word to be used “Bought” and the person speaking during the video, they are counting their words. Read ur piece carefully, familiarize… Read more »

Lawd God!!!!! Beg smaddy read it first nuh before you put it pon Internet nuh

Wat if mavado can buy 30 a dis how much him can drive at a time an how much him ago carry ina him grave, people unu need fi stop beat dwn on black brothers an b happy fi dem wen dem keep on progressin, better yet how much unu… Read more »

From 1992 until now killa you prove yourself as the baddest ting inna danceall

The first time I see bounty killa at airport I saw him in a corona now 7 series up MI General look into my eyes tell me what you see am I your enemy