Bounty Killer Diss Foota Hype On I.G, Says ‘Ishawna Gave Him Stroke’

Veteran dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer never cease at an opportunity to disrespect Foota Hype. It has become such a regular occurrence that one has to admit that the ‘Warlord’is probably just having.

On Tuesday, the “Warlord” shared a controversial quote of the day which read, “N****s out here will eat a** with no hesitation, but struggle to eat fruits and vegetables.”

“Quote of the day, rass retards and backward,” Killer captioned the post, “Any boy or girl [who] doesn’t get the point want a hallo point ok, [point blank] mi done chat so leave mi page all bow cats.”

During a heated exchange with a fan, Bounty Killer angered Foota Hype when made reference to his previous relationship with Ishawna.

“Me and Foota having sex then you think? Don’t let me send you where visa doesn’t go my dear,” Killer responded to a fan. “Foota nyam Ishawna so until him tongue got stroke u blind.”

Foota Hype caught wind of the post and then uploaded a screenshot with the comment, “Mi nuh want nobody tell mi fi be the bigger person or say mi ungrateful when mi get mad and start disrespect Bounty Killer,” he wrote. “Unu try read him comment dem a him start it.”

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Am i the only one who read killa comments inna killa voice

Bout him c alien kmt a really strokes

Bounty neva tell ah lie. Lol


Killa di real boss