Bounty Killer Gives Social Commentary, “Challenges Systematic Injustice.”

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer continues to use his platform on social media as an avenue for social commentary.

Bounty Killer has been using his official Instagram page to share old and new material that speaks out against the spike of crime and violence in our Jamaican society.

“How the country a run that me waan know.” “Ghetto youths stop pree guns and start pree funds, what about infrastructures, investments business and properties, that’s what we all need in time.” Bounty shared this message under a video of a new single with the sub title “Bounty Killer challenges Systematic Injustice.”

Earlier today Bounty Killer also speak up in support of the save the Cockpit Petition.

Bounty Killer also used his platform on Monday evening, to share a go fund me link for the hurricane Maria ravished Caribbean island Dominica relief funds.

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