Bounty wants Gov’t to stop compress the music.. Pushes for entertainment Zones

Dancehaller Bounty Killer don’t like whats going on for dancehall and reggae in the Country, infact the Alliance deejay insist that the government of Jamaican should do more to help dancehall music and stop doing so much to shun the genre by blaming high crime rate on it and limiting dancehall sessions in the country.

Yesterday while in an interview with the Jamaica STAR, Killa said the Government should, at the very least, move to establish entertainment zones.

“Mek mi tell dem if dancehall ago be of any support or assistance to society dem afi assist dancehall first. Stop compress the music. The wickedest issue is with this month, Reggae Month, Black History Month, music cannot play freely same way. Why you ago have reggae month and reggae can’t play freely?”

“If a Reggae Month, at least this month yuh supposed to can breath. Every street dance lock off fi this month same way. So why it is Reggae Month? Is like yuh deh a Brazil a tell dem say don’t kick ball on the street and it’s the most important thing for dem social development and dem culture. How this must be a reggae island, the birth place of Bob Marley, and not even the month of reggae month they can’t have music listened to freely in zoned areas where it nah disturb,” Bounty Killer said.

“You can’t compress the music and want the music fi help yuh. We not doing nothing for the Government until the Government frees up the music. Stop fight the music in zoned areas where it is not disturbing and not in residential area. Leave it alone.”

“Don’t ramp with the people dem music is the people dem social and ecomomic development inaa dem country. Just leave the music alone if you nah help it. We want hear about the $1.5 million tax cut, a dat him fi talk bout,” Bounty said.


“What kinda foolishness that him come with bout daggering leads to violence. Where? What violence is in dancehall?” Bounty asked.

“That’s Marvin antics. Daggering not happening anymore, is just Marvin come back with two wild move. Daggering is something like Mento when dem ina certain position, and is just a sexual expression inna the musical field, but anuh nothing vulgar. But I don’t know what Andrew a talk bout.”


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If you want Dancehall to be respected by government, then Dancehall should stop promote gun violence, sex and money. Reggae Dancehall has changed since the 80’s, and it has changed for the worse. The youth will emulate whatever direction the music takes, and it’s not a desirable direction the possible… Read more »

Real talk mi general mek dem knw leave wi music alone wi nuh worst than nuh body else

Fe real killer it sad for reaggae month

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