Bounty Killer & Ninja Man won’t accept award from Organizers of Sting 2016

Organizers of Sting 2016, “the greatest one night show on earth” have put in place plans to honour a number of Dancehall artiste at this year’s event for their outstanding contribution to the show.

Among those to be honoured are veterans Ninja Man and Bounty Killer, however, both artiste have stated that they will not be attending the show not even to collect any awards.

Killa believes it is great to be honoured but doesn’t feel like organisers genuinely appreciate what the artistes have done for Sting.

“If they wanna do this as a publicity stunt to say they honouring me, I will send someone to go and collect it. But I ain’t even going ’cause I know these people and they don’t respect foundation. They are all about the hype,” he told the Weekend Star

War veteran Ninja Man was of a similar view saying that if it is time for him to be honoured then someone will collect the award on his behalf.

“Mi have nuff daughter and son weh proud a dem father fi go collect award man. Mi nuh have no time fi dem deh something. A nuh disrespect nor nothing. Mi do enough work, and when mi fi get honour nobody neva a pay me nuh mind. If mi never a quarrel, nobody wouldn’t a look fi honour me.” He told the Weekend Star.

Nevertheless, Ninja man believes to honour the artistes at this year event will be a positive move to take Sting to the level where it is supposed to be.

Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel and Shabba Ranks are among a number of other artistes that are expected to be honoured.

Starting 2017 Sting will be changed to “One World Sting” and will take on a new format. It will be held once every year in other countries in order to spread the brand and create a fusion with Reggae, dancehall and all other genres of Global music.

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