Bounty Killer Reportedly Runs From Clash With Beenie Man In Trinidad

It has been reported that veteran dancehall veteran Bounty Killer ran from a clash with fellow artiste Beenie Man at the Jean Pierre Complex, Mucurapo, Trinidad on Saturday night.

According to Trinidad Express Newspaper, Bounty Killer was in the middle of a high-intensity song-for-song segment with Beenie when he turned, walked off the stage and left the venue.

“They say Bounty gone, but I came here to work,” Beenie told the Crowd.

Event promoter Kwesi “Hoppy” Hopkinson said despite their efforts some things remain out of their control.

“I think they (the crowd) got a great show despite everything. Beenie went for an hour after, I didn’t expect him to go that long. But I do apologise to the people who didn’t get to hear more of him (Bounty Killer). I really thought he went off to come back, but we can’t control everything,” said Hopkinson.

“They still competing at the end of the day and what I hearing is he (Bounty) has done this before so I doh know. It shows it still have that rivalry between them.” He adds

Beenie Man had no answers when asked about the reason for Bounty’s hasty exit.

“Nothing nuh happen, the show nice and Bounty Killer walk off stage. You haffi ask him that, but I finish my performance as you can see, blessings Rastafari,” Beenie told the Express.

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Bounty killa mi boss

Yow! Unu stop call up me artiste name

Same so it goes..

Lie d man neva run, him cut because dem never pay him fi clash

The things ppl post for likes and comments.. This isn’t journalism this is just a rough journey! You nuh phuck hear him nuh get pay fi dat? Go look fi sum people weh a wash weh inna di rain ya and try mek yuself useful to society A did journalism… Read more »