Bounty, Snowcone find new chemistry

After six years, iconic dancehall artiste Bounty Killer and Grammy-winning producer Snowcone have teamed up again. “I don’t know if it was something intentional. I know we never have any… confrontation and bad vibes Few times me reach out to him and nuh get mi response, and mi just easy miself. A music enuh, everybody have dem time,” Snowcone told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The two teamed up on Snowcone’s latest rhythm, ‘Antibiotic’, with No Long Talking.

Snowcone, famous for being a songwriter, stated that the musical chemistry between the two has not changed.

“A di same vibe, nutten nuh change, really, just more energy. Killer know me a real producer, and me know say him a real artiste. Him know say mi a good songwriter also, mi always take music serious, so we always have a good vibe when we a record,” Snowcone said.

Snowcone also stated that the song has been doing well, especially on the international scene.

“It has been getting tremendous feedback. I’m now back in New York and doing interviews, and di people dem a request the rhythm, especially the Bounty Killer tune. Mi nuh hype bout music, me keep it real. Mi a get requests from everywhere for the juggling. Mi just a give thanks and gwaan put in the work,” he said.

With the overwhelming response for the single, the two are already working on a new track, Dem Nuh Know We.

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