BREAKING: Ishawna Dropped By Management Team After Miss Lou Controversy

Controvesial artiste Ishawna has been dropped by her management team Just days after receiving heavy backlash for disrespecting Jamaica’s cultural icon Miss Lou on social media.

In a statement released by Donsome Booking Agency and Adrian Donsome Hanson says it no longer manages the dancehall deejay.

The press release further states that bookings prior July 7, 2017, will be honoured.

Meanwhile, Ishawna also confirmed the separation via Instagram by informing promoters of her new booking information.

However, there was no mention of what caused the split. So could it be Ishawna’s controversial IG post stating “mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou”..?

“Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou” Ishawna captioned on her Instagram a couple days ago.

Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou

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The comment triggered a heavy backlash from fans including well know talk show host Dr Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart and Mutabaruka.

However, Ishawna has received support from fellow controversial deejay Tanya Stephens who have also been getting backlash in recent times over comments she made about former opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller.

Jamaicans really need to stop mandating their self imposed limitations.

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All promoters must ban Ishawna until she make a public apology

People will take her side and say she did not diss Miss Lou but I understand because most of you have sh*t for brain and don’t even know y’all rights n will take any sh*t from people a diss is a dam diss what she did was WRONG AND IS… Read more »

Now this is what u call equal right n justice

The big question is . Why the hell would you say something like that? If u got nothing to say leave your #caption empty and post your pictures. Just saying.

Ooohh God man unnuh can done after the girl man. Everyone deserves a second chance, not saying that what she said was cool. But nuff a unnuh doing worst we just nuh hear bout it. Hush yaa Shawna.