Broke?…Sean Kingston Buys Mansion And Benz In Jamaica

Pop Star Sean Kingston who is preparing for his upcoming performance at Reggae Sumfest has purchased a house and a new Mercedes Benz in Jamaica.

After arriving on the Island Kingston went to Stewart’s Auto Sales with his mother Mama Kingston and his team to purchased a brand new white Mercedes-AMG to match his new mansion -also white – in Norbrook Estate which he acquired the same day.

“Every time I come to Jamaica, I always have to be renting a car or try to get buses for my entire team. In the US, I have like three, four cars, so I just feel like Jamaica is my country and one of the best places I have been to, so I want to set the thing. So I made up my mind that this year I will be getting a car and a house. With God’s willing, everything, has been falling into place; I got the car, and I have my house in Norbrook, so I am really excited, and I will be here a lot,” Sean Kingston told the Star.

In the meantime, the pop star also recently signed a headphone endorsement deal with Monster and will be looking to launch a reality show on E! later this year.

The headphone which will be called Sean Kingston signature Monster Box is set to be launched in Montego Bay on the final night of Sumfest.

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