Buju Banton may have new lifeline, Despite possibility of five added years for gun charge

Twenty days prior to the resentencing exercise for embattled dancehall/reggae superstar Buju Banton, there seems to exist a glim of… hope for the entertainer based on a juror’s alleged revelation, THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt. Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that a female juror attached to the incarcerated deejay’s drug trial last February may have compromised the eventual outcome of his case. According to reports, in an exclusive interview with New Times Broward – Palm Beach, Terri Wright, one of the jurors in Banton’s trial, admits to researching aspects of Buju Banton’s case to gauge a greater understanding of the matter before deliberation began. Further reports are that Wright allegedly cited the Pinkerton rule, a law that the federal government used to slap a gun charge on Banton, despite the fact that he never possessed or had any connection to the firearm. Although Wright’s intentions were in good faith, New Times cites that researching facts for federal trials constitutes a violation of court orders, and, as a result, could spark a mistrial and possible appeals of a conviction. Our news team understands that standard jury instructions for federal trials tell jurors, “not to attempt to research any fact, issue or law related to this case, whether by discussion with others, by library or Internet research, or by any other means or source.” THE WEEKEND STAR has also received reports that past and present attorneys representing the entertainer during his legal woes, David Oscar Markus and Chokwe Lumumba, respectively, have weighed in since news broke of the juror’s pronouncement. a game-changer According to reports, both attorneys share the view that the assertion of the juror, if proven to be true, may very well be a game-changer in favour of Banton. Meanwhile, this latest ‘glim of hope’ comes just weeks before Buju is slated to be resentenced on the gun charge on October 30. Judge James Moody, who originally dismissed the gun count, has few options but to toss on another five years to the Buju’s decade-long sentence. That’s because an Atlanta appeal court overturned Moody’s seemingly sound judgement to dismiss the charge. A new worldwide campaign has also been launched by some diehard supporters of Buju, seeking 50,000 people to write, email or call the White House, home of US President, Barack Obama, before the October 30 resentencing date. THE WEEKEND STAR understands that Buju’s new campaign is being launched on the basis of what they call an unjust incarceration, alluding to an entrapment by a US government informant.

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