Busy Signal Back And Busier Than Before

Time spent in a United States prison between June and November this year gave Busy Signal a lot of time to tap uninterruptedly into his genius, enough time to fill his creative reservoir with a flood…
 of material and it’s now straining to break free.

This week, just over a week since he returned home, Busy Signal has released two new songs that represent only the tip of the iceberg as to what is to come.

The first, Defence, was released on Wednesday while just yesterday, the second, Bout It, hit the airwaves. Both songs are produced by Foota Hype. But those releases are just a couple in a wave of songs that he expects to be releasing in the near future. Already in the works are songs such as Think Man a Idiot and ‘a very important song’ called Come Shock Out. Also in theworks is another tune called Jailhouse Nuh Nice and Jail Juice. “That one (Jail Juice) is fi di gal dem,” he said laughing.

These songs, he said, represent the almost non-stop work he has put in since he got home. “Is like me come een pan di Friday and me inna the studio Saturday,” he said, explaining that time in jail gave him a lot of time to think and be creative. “It’s been crazy work. I want to give my fans all I can give them. The burden is gone, so I now feel extra free, extra light. He says he feels so free not only is he eager to get songs out, he is equally zealous to step on to a stage and perform for his fans. Hence Sting 2012 can’t come fast enough for him. “It’s going to be like a homecoming performance, a treat for the fans,” he promised.

In the meantime, he says, he will continue working with several producers creating new songs. Along with the songs he already has out with Foota Hype, Busy is also working on projects with Shane Brown and Donovan Germaine from Penthouse, Stephen McGregor as well as people from Downsound Records. But he is not limiting himself to only the top producers. “I am eager to do some dancehall. I have friends dem looking and listening to people out there. If mi hear a rhythm and me like it, I can add my artistry to it,” he said.

In all of this, he says, he remains thankful; thankful to be home to be free to do what he does best, create music. Thankful, too, he says to his many fans and the people who have supported him through thick and thin. “I have to big up my supporters,” he said.

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