Busy Signal Got UpSet After His Set Was Cut Short To Bring On R. Kelly At ‘Groovin’ in the Park’ In NY

Dancehall artiste Busy Signal and fans were left disappointed after his set was cut short at the annual Groovin’ in the Park stage show in New York on Sunday evening.

The dancehall superstar was performing in the U.S for the first time and, approximately 20 minutes into what should have been a 50-minute set, Busy’s microphone was turned off signaling an abrupt end to his performance.

“Me reach a the venue from 3 o’clock and me suppose to perform at five, and now a hours later. I sat and watch everyone perform so no try cut my time. We have a contract so uno must line-up uno show so artiste can perform on time,” he stated. “Me wan’ perform for me people them cuz a me first time yaso,” Busy pleaded unsuccessfully.

“If me can’t perform, R Kelly can’t perform either,” Busy stated angrily before handing over the microphone as he and his team exited the stage.

“Mi can’t believe them cut the deejay show just so R Kelly can perform,” a patron in the VIP section shouted angrily. The show continued after about 45 minutes with headliner American R&B singer R Kelly.

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Him should have pop out bk the cord too

R.kelly is a bigger more known international artist. Busy get real!