Busy Signal song released for Jamaica 50

Incarcerated artiste Glendale Gordon, ‘Busy Signal’, has released a Jamaica 50 song. The song, Fifty and Still Ah Strive, was recorded three months ago at Juke Boxxx studios. According to Busy’s manager, Shane Brown, it was imperative for Busy Signal to dedicate a song to highlight the country’s achievements.

“Busy has an active and creative mind, so one day we were in the studio and he was on youtube and he saw one of Roy Rayon’s recordings, and he said that this kinda vibe would be good for Jamaica 50 because people wanna hear something familiar. So him start sing and the musicians just build di track,” Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The song is an updated cover of Rayon’s Give Thanks and Praises, which won the 1987 Jamaica Festival song competition.

Brown stated that while on the phone with Busy Signal, who is currently in Minnesota on extradition charges, he informed him that he would be releasing the song.cool, drop it “I told him that I was going to release the song, because if it nuh drop now then we’re just going to have to keep it on file, and him say, ‘cool, drop it’,” Brown said.

Busy Signal recently pleaded not guilty for failure to appear in court on charges which stemmed back to 2002.

In the meantime, the official video for Kingston Remix, a collaboration with Jr Gong and Busy Signal, will be released next week. The video for the title track off his album Reggae Music Again will be released next month.

Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR Busy Signal is in good spirits and they are all hoping for the best.

“We have confidence in the lawyers and Busy is asking everyone to continue praying for him. He wants to say thanks for the support and also to remind fans to sign the petition to exonerate him,” Brown said.

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