Capleton Is Asking For The Return Of His Stolen SUV

Reggae icon Capleton is asking for the return of his motor vehicle that was stolen on Sunday.

It is understood that the Fire Man’s Metallic Brown Grand Vitara was stolen in Bread Nut Hill, St. Ann in the wee hours Sunday morning.

New riddims and other personal items were in the vehicle. Capleton is asking the thieves to return the motor vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Ocho Rios police are investigating.

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Lightening and tunda mi general slew dem..

Onside jobw

Burn Dem Fire man

Dash some fyah pon d fucka dem

Mi no like notin name criminal…..di Jon crow dem wah teef di man vehicle a good fi all ppl wah di man gi tings….dem 2 parasitic dem need fi go look rass wuk…unnu wutliss rass claat das all unnu do walk an prey pan ppl.