Capleton Still Uncertain As To Why He Was Attacked On Stage

Iconic Reggae/Dancehall artiste Capleton, is still uncertain why he was attacked on stage twice last weekend while performing at Reggae In The Hills in California. According to the artiste, persons have put forward several reasons why he was attacked by an unidentified man, however, he is simply happy nobody from his camp was hurt.

“Maybe the security was inadequate at the show, but I am also told that he was hanging around the musicians earlier in the day, so that’s how he ended up getting access to the stage. What is of concern to me, is that he was allowed to come on stage twice. I am just glad nobody from my camp got hurt and he was not badly hurt either,” he said.

pushed from the stage

Capleton managed to restrain himself during the ordeal. However, the attacker was aggressively pushed from the stage twice by a member of the deejay’s camp, who appeared to be acting as security personnel.

“I am proud of how I dealt with the situation instead of getting violent because music is love. Maybe for me, it was a test and I think I handled it well because it could have been serious. The thing is I have seen a lot of situations around the world, so I am very experienced on how to deal with conflicts that come with being in entertainment,” he told THE STAR.

The artiste disclosed that his management team is now looking to pay more attention to security. He also downplayed allegations that he was attacked by somebody who represented an anti-hate music institution.

smoking some form of drugs

“I don’t even want this to get negative. People are trying to make it look like its people from a certain group, while some people say he was smoking some form of drugs in the day and was already giving problems. We are not going to focus on negativity. Music is love so just focus on the positive and teach the youth right and empower them,” he said.

Capleton is also celebrating being sampled by platinum-selling hip hop artiste, Kanye West, for a single called I Am a God, which will be featured on his (Kanye West’s) new album called Yeezus.

“It’s another milestone in my career to have been sampled by Kanye. But it’s not the first that something like this has been done. My single Tour on Def Jam Records is one of the biggest crossover dancehall songs of all time,” he said.

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